What is SHERPA ?

Himalayan Sherpas are renowned guides who make it possible for mountaineers to prevail in the face of the most challenging conditions imaginable, and to succeed in conquering the highest and most dangerous mountains in the world. In the same way, SHERPA expertly guides and supports businesses on the challenging & complex journey to achieve true and lasting resilience, viability & sustainability.

Developed by Blue North Sustainability, SHERPA is an integrated on-line management system specifically designed to support & empower business owners, managers and management-teams within agricultural supply-chains, in the development and implementation of proactive, relevant and impactful sustainability strategies for their businesses.

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One integrated strategic management system
Manage all aspects of the development and execution of your sustainability strategy and continuous improvement program within one integrated management system.
Unlocking the power of inside-out change
Gain the depth of insight, understanding and control needed to "own" the sustainability agenda for your business on your terms, enabling a strategy that is relevant, reflects site-specific issues and delivers real, meaningful and lasting improvement.
Seeing the whole system, managing the detail
"See" the economic, social and environmental dimensions of the business as a whole ‒ in a holistic and integrated way ‒ and dive into the levels of detail necessary to identify specific areas of strength and weakeness, measure progress, and drive continuous improvement.
Comprehensive guidance and support
Sherpa provides built-in guidance as well as access to remote support to guide you through all aspects of implementation of the Sherpa processes. It also provides expert support across all sustainability subject-areas.
Centralised performance monitoring
Objectively measure and centrally monitor the performance of all aspects of your system through a comprehensive suit of Key Performance Indicators.
Improvement management
Define and manage the execution of all the detailed tasks relevant to the successful implementation of the sustainability strategy and continuous improvement program for your business.


Sherpa is available under annual licensing models scaled to suit the needs and scale of your business.

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Support and Training

Sherpa provides built-in guidance as well as access to remote and onsite support to guide you in
the development of your sustainability strategy.

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About Blue North Sustainability

A holistic approach to sustainability.

For us, sustainability begins with a business securing a holistic and strategic grasp of the economic, social and environmental dependencies and impacts that collectively determine its resilience – its ability to thrive in the face of the shocks, disruptions, opportunities and change associated with an increasingly integrated, uncertain and volatile world.

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Who should use SHERPA?
Sherpa is a strategic management tool that enables primary producers (farmers) and processing units in the supply chain (packhouses, processing plants, etc.) to take control and OWN their sustainability agenda. If you are serious about sustainability and don’t know where to start, Sherpa is the tool for you!
Sherpa covers various commodities from agriculture to aquaculture. The Sherpa frameworks include primary production systems and all processing and packaging operations in the supply chain.
No. Sherpa is build on a Sustainability Framework specific to your commodity (e.g. prawns, tea, apples, floral, etc.). All major standards your industry use, are benchmarked against the Sherpa Sustainability Framework. Once you have completed the full self-assessment, you will be able to see your performance against the Sherpa framework as well as 3rd party standards relevant to your industry. This assists you to prepare for multiple standard audits in 'one go'.
How can I access the SHERPA tool?
Contact us at info@mysherpa.co.za for more information.
Sherpa provides built-in guidance as well as access to remote and onsite support to guide you in the development of your sustainability strategy.
Book a support session with a Sherpa expert today!

Support email : support@mysherpa.co.za
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Please contact us on info@mysherpa.co.za with any other questions!

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